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pink3th.jpg pink4th.jpg pink8.jpg Pink 3 $32 Pink 4 $48 Pink 8 $28 pk9.jpg pk10.jpg
Pink 9 $28 Pink 10 $22
ruby3th.jpg ruby4th.jpg ruby5.jpg Ruby 3 $43 Ruby 4 $38 Ruby 5 $37 ruby7.jpg ruby8.jpg ct36th.jpg Ruby 7 $45 Ruby 8 $32 CT36 $38 at13.jpg
AT13 $56
ct40.jpg ct41.jpg
CT40 Purple $32 CT41 Purple $28
ct20th.jpg ct21th.jpg ct22th.jpg CT20 $38 CT21 $28 CT22 $35 ct35th.jpg ct24th.jpg ct26th.jpg CT35 $50 CT24 $46 CT26 $38 ct27th.jpg ct29th.jpg mg1.jpg CT27 $29 CT29 $48 MG1 $45 mg2.jpg
MG2 $35

Colored Stone Tiaras

If crayons only came in one color, they wouldn't be as much fun. Our new colored stone tiaras are perfect for any event you want to add some color and fun to!

Pinkstone Tiaras

Pink is the most popular of all colored stones. A perfect match for flowergirls and spring dances

Redstone Tiaras

The deep ruby shade of our red stone tiaras go well with deep colored satins and velvets, making them perfect for Costume parties, Red Hat society functions, or any dark gown.

Birthstone Tiaras

We now have colored crystals matching the following months.